Leap unlocks the equity in your home to help you achieve financial wellness.

Knowledge is Power

Our mission is to educate you about the ever-changing real estate industry, and provide you with the ability to extract the equity in your home to lower your debt and increase your financial power. This helps to close the wealth gap while making you healthier financially, which is what we’re all about.

To free up and extract the equity in your home, we use customized Home Equity Agreements (HEAs). Also known as Home Equity Investments (HEIs), these purpose-built agreements are not loans. They’re shared agreements between you and Leap. You receive a one-time cash lump sum payment, ideally to pay off debt or upgrade your home, in exchange for a portion of your home’s equity.

Visit our Newsroom for the latest information about homeownership related matters. And read though our Thought Leadership articles to gain our perspective on critical aspects of HEAs and homeownership.

We also have Tips, Definitions and FAQ sections designed to provide you with insider advice, important terms and the answers to your critical questions, all of which will help to make the most intelligent decisions as a homeowner.

Ending Redlining and Gentrification’s Negative Impact

In addition to wanting to help you win, we also want to reverse the effects of past and present redlining, and the negative effects of gentrification. By allowing you to use equity locked in your home, you don’t have to move out of your community if gentrification is taking place. Leap HEAs empower you to stay in your community and participate in the often dramatic economic improvements that accompany gentrification.

Our corporate partners share our commitment to ending redlining and negative gentrification. They turn to us because of our shared values, and our fully automated platform for processing HEA applications, which eliminates implicit or explicit bias throughout the entire process, while speeding up the decision time on your HEA application.

How Leap HEAs Benefit You

We offer you the freedom to choose the type of Leap HEA that best fits your needs. There are short-term HEAs of 1-year, as well as HEAs with 10-year or 30-year term periods. If you wish, the investment Leap makes in your home can be repaid at any time. Some of the benefits of LEAP HEAs include:

  • Specific, Purpose-built HEAs:  For seniors, underserved homeowners, small business owners and those who want a short-term HEA
  • Sizable Investments: Leap invests up to $300,000 in a home
  • Flexible Contract Lengths/Term Periods
  • No Interest Rates or Monthly Payments
  • Shared Home Appreciation: Leap’s return depends on your home's appreciation not the home's total value. When the contract ends, the repayment is the original investment plus 6% to 18% of the home's increase in value. If the home has lost value, Leap also loses, and you will likely owe Leap less.
  • Objective and Quick Eligibility Review: Leap uses advanced technology, not human subjectivity, to determine who qualifies for an HEA, which eliminates human subjectivity while expediting the entire process.

To learn more about Leap HEAs, find out which one is right for your particular situation, or sign up for our free educational resources related to the mortgage industry, sign up here.

Leap has developed three specific HEA solutions to help improve your financial health:

Learn more about each solution here.

Home Equity Agreements (HEAs) Have Arrived

HEAs are filling homeowners' need for cash as interest rates rapidly climb.

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